IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination

List of Satellite projects about which we have some information.
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Sat Name Supporting Organisation  
UniSat3La Sapienza University RomaDetail
P5A Mars MissionAMSAT-DLDetail
AkoyaWashington University in St LouisDetail
Strike EagleEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical UniversityDetail
BeesatTechnical University of BerlinDetail
ARISSAT 1 (was SuitSat2)ARISS OrganisationDetail
BeosatERIG e. V. @ The Technical University BraunschweigDetail
SpacebouyMontana State UniversityDetail
NittanySatThe Pennsylvania State UniversityDetail
UniBRITE/Tugsat1Vienna University of TechnologyDetail
Aggiesat-2Texas A & M University.Detail
KumuaoUniversity of HawaiiDetail
RAMPART (was POPACS-RR)Colorado Satellite Services LLCDetail
CAS-2Chinese Amateur Satellite Group ( CAMSAT )Detail
Quest-1Quest Institute for Quality EducationDetail
UNSA-SAT1QB50 & Instituto AstronĂ³mico y Aeroespacial Pedro PauletDetail
NUS QB50QB50 & National University of SingaporeDetail
RioSatQB50 & Graz University of Technology,Detail
PiezoSat-1QB50 & Space Science and Technology InstituteDetail
EstelleQB50 & University of TartuDetail
PicassoQB50 & Belgium Institut for Space Aeronomy Detail
Simba Royal Meteorological Institute of BelgiumDetail
CepheusDepartment of Electronic EngineeringDetail
XS-SatSonoma State UniversityDetail
R2SUniversity of North DakotaDetail
CAS-3 series --- nine spacecraftCAMSATDetail
SECM-1 (3 Cubesats)Shanghai Engineering Centre for Microsatellites Detail
UFOsat 1-3Polytechnic School of University of Sao PauloDetail
RavanBlue Canyon TechnologiesDetail
RADSat Embry-Riddle Aeronautical UniversityDetail
Sapling-1no info providedDetail
BeliefSat-1Club for Radio Operations and Wireless Networks (CROWN)Detail

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