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Foras Promineo Updated: 29 May 2022   Responsible Operator Patrick Johnson KA8VDW
Supporting Organisation Perkins Local School District  
Contact Person ka8vdw@bex.net.nospam  
Headline Details: A 3U mission. The goal of the Foras Promineo (Latin for "outreach") mission is to inspire engage and educate the public in space and space technology through gameplay on a space based platform. The satellite carries a game with a robotic arm that is able to manipulate game pieces. the robotic arm will play games autonomously using uploaded code provided by operators and students worldwide or it can be controlled in real time during ground station contacts. Proposing a UHF LoRa downlink with NUDR of 15.6kbps. Planning a deployment from the ISS after Feb 2023.More info at https://www.perkinsschools.org/Perkins-High/Content2/robotics
Application Date: 27 May 2022   Freq coordination completed on

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