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Q-PACE-1 Updated: 02 Jul 2019   Responsible Operator Josh Colwell not applicable
Supporting Organisation University of Central Florida  
Contact Person josh@ucf.edu.nospam  
Headline Details: Designed to understand protoplanetary growth, Q-PACE is a 3U CubeSat that is scheduled to launch on ELaNa XX on September 1 2019 with a nominal mission duration of 3 years. Q-PACE will perform over 100 collision experiments producing 10’s of thousands of collisions simulating the first steps in planet formation. Q-PACE consists of a particle chamber that is shaken to induce low-speed collisions between the particles that cannot be achieved in Earth’s gravity. The collisional evolution of the swarm of particles is captured by a high-speed video camera. The video data is transmitted to the ground station for analysis to measure the outcomes of collisions based on impact speed and particle type. Proposing a 2.4GHz downlink using 500kbps GFSK. Launching on Virgin Orbital into a 500x500km 61 degree orbit together with MiTEE, PolarCube, INCA, RADFXSAT-2, CACTUS-1, CAPE-3, PICS A/B, EXOCUBE2, TECHEDSAT-7, MICROMAS
Application Date: 26 May 2019   Freq coordination completed on

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