IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination

List of Satellite requests which have formally requested coordination.
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Sat Name Supporting Organisation  
ESTCube-2Institute of Physics, University of TartuDetail
TY1-03Hunan Amateur Radio SocietyDetail
TY1-04Hunan Amateur Radio SocietyDetail
TY7-01Hunan Amateur Radio SocietyDetail
Velox-AMSatellite Research Center, Nanyang Technological UniversityDetail
LORISDalhousie UniversityDetail
CougSat 1Cougs in Space, Washington State UniversityDetail
FossaSat-2BFossa SystemsDetail
ManitobaSat-1University of Manitoba Space Technology and Advanced Research LaboratoryDetail
EssenceLassonde School of Engineering (York University)Detail
NEUDOSEMcMaster UniversityDetail
AlbertaSAT_Ex-Alta 2AlbertaSat, University of AlbertaDetail
YukonSATAlbertaSat, University of AlbertaDetail
AuroraSATAlbertaSat, University of AlbertaDetail
SNUGLITE-IISeoul National UniversityDetail
SC-ODINConcordia UniversityDetail
Star of PHOSPHERUS-1/2Wuhan University ChinaDetail
WildrackCube-SIMBADIAEE Sapienza University of RomeDetail
HERON MK IIUniversity of Toronto Aerospace Team Space Systems DivisionDetail
QMR-KWTSolar SpaceDetail
Da Vinci CubeSatDelft University of TechnologyDetail
Burkinasat-1Université Norbert Zongo de Koudougou Detail
KUbeSat1University of KansasDetail
GW-SatThe George Washington UniversityDetail
LinkSatUniversity at BuffaloDetail
MarioUniversity of MichiganDetail
CAS-9 also named Hope-3 (XW-3), Chinese Amateur Satellite Group (CAMSAT)Detail
Wisa WoodsatArctic Astronautics Ltd.Detail
Maya-5STeP-UP University of the PhilippinesDetail
Maya-6STeP-UP University of the PhilippinesDetail

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