IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination

List of Satellite requests which have formally requested coordination.
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Sat Name Supporting Organisation  
FEESGP Advanced Projects srlsDetail
Mr & Mrs SatsMissouri University of Science and TechnologyDetail
Foresail-1Aalto UniversityDetail
Aalto-3Aalto UniversityDetail
UWE-4University of WuerzburgDetail
ESTCube-2Institute of Physics, University of TartuDetail
InOrbit NOW mk01Aviosonic Space Tech Srls Detail
KrakSatIntegra AGHDetail
SwiatowidSatRevolution S.A.Detail
Opusat-IISmall Spacecraft System Research Center Osaka Pref UniversityDetail
Guatesat-1Universidad del Valle de GuatemalaDetail
Unicorn-2aAlba Orbital UG Detail
TY1-03Hunan Amateur Radio SocietyDetail
TY1-04Hunan Amateur Radio SocietyDetail
TY7-01Hunan Amateur Radio SocietyDetail
Raavana-1Kyushu Institute of Technology Detail
UguisuKyushu Institute of Technology Detail
NepaliSat-1Kyushu Institute of Technology Detail
CAS-5AChinese Amateur Satellite Group - CAMSATDetail
CAS-5BChinese Amateur Satellite Group - CAMSATDetail
EdgeCubeSonoma State UniversityDetail
CAS-6Chinese Amateur Satellite Group - CAMSATDetail
DescentLassonde School of Engineering @ York UniversityDetail
Elfin-BUniversity of CaliforniaDetail
FACSATColombian Air Force AcademyDetail

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